Over 250 professionals

ready to care for you and your family's health needs


Nutrition is key

with 31,000 partcipants, CCI's WIC program is the largest in Maryland

Committed to Quality

while providing safe and effective care

Integrated Primary Care

your overall wellness is our primary focus

Dental services

available in two sites (Gaithersburg and Franklin Park)

Behavioral Health is vital

we make it an integral part of your well-being

Health Coverage

Medicaid, Medicare, and other private insurance accepted

Over 57,000 individuals

and their families benefit from CCI's services and programs annually


At CCI Health & Wellness Services, our expertly trained staff will take care of you and your baby during the duration of your pregnancy and after delivery.

Conveniently located a mile away from the Greenbelt Metro Station, our prenatal practice offers state of the art facilities, with colocated services that include WIC, Prenatal, and Family Planning.

With CCI Health & Wellness Services, you can feel comfortable and confident in your relationship the quality of care you receive. Together we will focus on your and your baby’s health care needs and your wellness.

This is an innovative prenatal care model where you will get your physical exams, labs, and two-hour sessions with your provider. Plus support from other pregnant women that have a due date close to yours, fun group activities and discussions where you will learn more about pregnancy, taking care of yourself and baby, and much more!

Group of Pregnant WomenWhat to expect!
  • You will join a group of 8 to 12 women, who are all due the same month as you.
  • Your group will meet for 2 hours for 10 group sessions throughout your pregnancy and early postpartum.
  • These sessions are your prenatal care, so we encourage you to attend all sessions to make sure you and your baby are doing well.
  • Your provider will be at all the group sessions and each time you come in you will have time to talk to them alone!
  • We will give you free healthy drinks and snacks during the session so you will have enough energy to participate and have fun.
The road ahead!

After delivery, you may come to any of our health centers to receive the best care for you and your baby! With five centrally located centers throughout Mongtomery and Prince George’s counties, we are ready to become your family’s medical home.

How to join!

Contact your community health worker: Emma Hernandez (240) 624-2326. She will be able to answer any questions regarding CenteringPregnancy®, or any other services offered at our health centers.

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